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Boutique Ottica






Less is more。

As an important optician in the local market, BOTIQUE OTTICA saw the need to modernize what was once a space. The design of this case uses black and white classic color matching to decorate the design. The combination of black and white high cabinets restores the ideal optical shop in the customer's mind. There is no theme light installed in the optical shop space, and the design of many white spotlights improves the space illumination, creating a comfortable and stress-free optical shop space experience, giving people a natural, simple and comfortable feeling.
The integrated glasses showcase design on the wall makes the optical shop space look more concise, simple and fashionable.The square mirror contrasts sharply with the tough lines, adding visual beauty and making the entire optical shop space look full of texture. The all-white color of the floor, walls, and background panels makes it easier to focus on the glasses themselves, which is the best example of "Less is more".

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